The Human Change Management Institute (HUCMI®) is an organization specialized in research, training, and certification in Organizational Change Management. Established in 2012 as a part of the third generation Change Management movement, HUCMI® has a global presence with accredited training centers across five continents.

In 2015, HUCMI® was recognized by the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®) as a Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) for its HCMBOK® Training and Certification Program.

Over the years, HUCMI has successfully trained and certified thousands of professionals from diverse fields, fostering the practice of Change Management in over 1,600 organizations.

We approach Change Management in an innovative, practical, and accessible manner, catering to professionals from all backgrounds and areas of expertise. We firmly believe that Change Management is an indispensable discipline for any leader in the 21st century.

Our training model is centered around nurturing a culture that embraces continuous organizational transformation.


We believe that managing the human component is the most complex aspect of organizational evolution. In order for a change to be effectively implemented and sustained within an organization, it must first occur within the individuals involved. Without this crucial human element, organizations cannot function properly.

Our Knowledge Base

The HCMBOK® (Human Change Management Body of Knowledge) is a comprehensive guide to Change Management. It encompasses methodologies, tools, and best practices, with the aim of connecting Organizational Change Management activities to the phases and typical management activities of any project.


The Human Change Management Institute was established through the synthesis of knowledge and experiences derived from various fields, including Psychology, Information Technology, People Management, Organizational Development, Project Management, Social Sciences, Strategic Planning, Creativity Management, and Innovation.

We acknowledge that this compilation is not intended to be comprehensive, as it is based solely on our knowledge and experience. We firmly believe that our knowledge base, HCMBOK®, will continue to evolve through the collaborative efforts of the change management professionals’ community.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Promote excellence in humanized management of organizational changes.

Our Vision

We intend to share our organizational change management knowledge with leaders of all areas, HR, IT, Processes professionals and specially project managers and PMOs. Our dream is to see every single project considering the human factor as an essential component to achieve its business objectives.


  • Simplicity – Be simple to be effective;
  • Integrity – We are honest with others and ourselves;
  • Crowdsourcing – We encourage and enable individuals to contribute to the evolution of our knowledge base - HCMBOK®;
  • Excellence – We are committed to deliver excellent services, learning continuously from the experience shared by our community of certified professionals and different sources of organizational change management knowledge;
  • Partnership – We are committed to be a fair partner;
  • Diversity – We learn from and respect the cultures in which we work.


The HCMBOK®—Human Change Management Body of Knowledge—is the knowledge base of the HUCMI. It encompasses methodologies, tools, and best practices, with the objective of establishing a connection between the Organizational Change Management framework and the phases and typical management activities of projects across various domains.

As an icon of the third generation of change management, the HCMBOK serves as an objective and practical guide. It has been developed to be mastered and applied by professionals from all areas, extending beyond the realm of change management experts.

Our approach relies on strategic planning for change management within programs or projects, as well as the establishment of the CMO (Change Management Office). This organizational entity is responsible for overseeing all changes, starting from the initial stages of organizational strategic planning.

Capa do livro HCMBOK

HCMBOK® to AGILE – Change Management for Agile Projects

The HCMBOK® to AGILE was developed with a holistic view, applicable to any agile framework or method used in your project / organization.

Our goal with this training is to present a model for integrating good practices, tools and change management method integrated with projects conducted with agile approaches.

Additionally, we present the concept of Agile Change Management, which, in summary, is a model for introducing organizational changes in iterative and incremental cycles that respects the human time of assimilation of changes, reducing the impact of a major disruption at once.

Capa do livro HCMBOK